Thank you Tamuera for teaching me so much about the ocean and your beautiful culture. RIP 2020 

" Age is nothing but a number." - Ernestine Shepperd. (Guiness World Record holding oldest body builder)


Animo Surf is a mindset and a lifestyle. It is an experience in nature and for those who want to delve into the ocean. Animo Surf will strengthen the body and build confidence with specific training. Any athlete, outdoor enthusiast, or ocean lover will find their perfect fit. 


Ánimo is a Spanish word that means “encouragement”. It implies the act of reassuring, inspiring, or cheering someone on to overcome a challenge. Broadly, it means “Don't give up!

Natacha’s in depth travels of French Polynesia started out as a very young child of 1 years old visiting family. She then continued traveling to Tahiti and surrounding Islands through out her life. Her best friend and most influential teacher of Tahitian culture such as Polynesian art, Surfing and water resistance training started in 1998.