Find Your inner strength

With each of our experiences, Animo will focus on the following areas: 


• Water Resistance Training

• Hypoxic Training

• Cross Training Exercises 

• Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection

• Water Sport Combinations

Using water as a resistance is a technique that Polynesian surfers pioneered. They would grab a boulder from the ocean floor and run with it. This would expand lung capacity for multiple big wave hold downs. Big wave surfers to this day make it a part of their training along with rigorous exercise.


Water resistance strengthens and tones muscles without impact. Underwater training connects the body, mind, and breath, which means less mistakes are made while performing your desired sport. Along with building confidence, your own personal progression is understood. The courage to take the next step is established. Being centered with ones self, helps with better decision making during crucial moments in the ocean.


Hypoxic training, or the practice of limiting oxygen availability while training, has been used for decades to improve performance. Training in this environment will boost the production of red blood cells and aid stamina. If done as a routine in your exercise regime, your performance as a surfer or athlete will greatly excel. Hypoxic training will help you perform more efficiently, for longer, and with less fatigue.

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" My training with Natcha has given me incredible confidence in the ocean. Being able to practice the breathe work both in and out of the water had connected me to my body as well ocean in a whole new way. The knowledge and strength I have gained has taken my surfing abilities to a whole other level " - Jamie